Esti’s Trip of a Lifetime.


Remember Esti? When last we spoke with her, she had just discovered the wonderful world of commuting. Well, her journey didn’t stop there...

In 2020 Esti and her partner decided to travel the length of New Zealand on their first ever trip. Starting out at Cape Reinga and ending at Bluff, they finished their epic journey in just 30 days. So what gave her the idea, and even the nerve to tackle such an adventure?

“We discovered an event called Tour Aotearoa, where a bunch of cyclists do a similar kind of trip. So our next thought was, hey, why not attempt the journey on ebikes!”

For these two intrepid cyclists, it was more than just embarking on a unique holiday. It was the chance to promote the wider message that with e-biking, there’s something for everyone.

Sinch and Shimano loved their mission so much they sponsored the couple’s e.bikes. Blackburn, Lazer and Untouched World also chipped in with some gear, and Mercury provided an extra financial boost.

To make sure they had all the juice they needed, the couple invested in two batteries each – one as a backup for emergencies. They also brought a fast charger along, just in case they ran low on power during the day, given they were cycling up to 167 kms in a single day.

So how did the costs ultimately stack up versus a conventional road trip? “It obviously helps if you already own an for starters, and of course, we didn’t spend any money on petrol!” On top of that, the couple didn’t have to pay car costs for the ferry, and their bikes were light enough to check in as luggage on their flight. Esti reckons the trip would have been even cheaper if they hadn’t stayed in hotels, but then who would begrudge them a little bit of luxury on their holiday, right?

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. Like the terrain, the trip had some ups and downs. At one point they chartered a helicopter to drop them off at the top of a mountain near Reefton in the South Island. From there it was meant to be a 2-hour downhill joyride, but due to landslides and fallen trees all over the track, it took over ten hours and they ended up spending the night in the bush, in a one-person bivy bag surrounded by sandflies.

All in all, they don’t have any regrets. “We loved the physical challenge. Doing it on an might sound easy, but it’s not! We travelled the country in such a new and different way and were able to enjoy it on a whole new level because of our e.bikes.” Lucky for us, the couple also documented the whole journey with photos and video on their local social media account, locall.e – it’s worth checking it out.

With the world’s best backyard at her disposal, we’re sure this is not the last we’ve heard of Esti and her Or should we be calling her E.sti?

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