How e.Scooters Can Make
Your Work Trek A Breeze.

Josh's e.scooter

If you could find a poster child for sustainable living in Auckland, then Josh would probably be it.

This 26-year old personal trainer lives in a sustainable apartment complex in Auckland, and all the electricity used in the building is carbon neutral. So the next question is, how does he commute to work? Sustainably of course.

During the week, you can spot Josh cruising to work on his e.scooter. He became a convert to this zippier, cleaner mode of transport thanks to some of his early-adopter friends. "After seeing a couple of my mates get onboard, I realized that there are some really impressive machines on the market…a little less clunky than the rental scooters."

The timing turned out to be perfect, because Josh had just moved to his apartment, and was looking for a quick, stress-free commute to the gym in the city where he works. Leaving no emissions really appealed too.  After a fair bit of googling and test spins, he settled on an Inokim Super which he says was like driving a luxury car. "Smooth ride, effortless to get around on, but in the end I wanted a little more power, so I switched to a Kaabo Mantis, which is like the scooter equivalent of a race car. You feel the road a lot more, but it's got stacks of power and a huge battery."

Beside the practicality of e.scooters, Josh gained a whole new perspective on how enjoyable commuting could actually be. "It's about ten minutes each way, the glorious cycle lanes, the pink path, never paying for parking. My commute is fun. Travelling is fun." Better still, he never has to worry about a place to park - there's a Mercury sponsored 'Locky Dock' right near his gym, so he can sercure and charge his ride for free.

By removing himself from rush hour traffic and the aggression that often comes with cars, Josh says he has put himself in a much better mental space for the rest of the day. Afterall, who wants an angry personal trainer to guide you through your exercise routine? Could be extra push-ups involved… 

Like many of our e.revolutionaries, Josh's personal experience has made him appreciate the wider consequences of kissing fossil fuels goodbye. As he explains, "If you look at Auckland and its infrastructure from a transport perspective, we need to give it a helping hand instead of sitting in cars all day long. The cycle lanes that are being built now are a pleasure when it comes to e.scootering."

As far as healthy, clean-living goes, Josh is proving to be a true role model. Inside and outside of the gym.

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