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Why an

Why an

We're on a mission to help Kiwis enjoy our renewable energy in more wonderful ways. So everyone can Join the Electric Revolution.

That's why we love stuff like the hill-flattening, traffic-defying


10 reasons to ride an

10 reasons to ride an


1. That Woohoo feeling.

Riding an makes for ear-to-ear smiles. Don't believe us? Try it yourself. Find out where we'll be next.

2. Wonderful discounts.

We’ve partnered with selected retailers to give Mercury customers great discounts on purchases – it’s Energy made Wonderful. View range

3. A ride for your style.

We've got city bikes, beach cruisers and high performance mountain bikes to suit where you're riding. 

4. Join the movement.

Around 40 million e.bikes are sold annually worldwide and the number of e.bikes in New Zealand has tripled in a year.

5. Swap crawling for cruising.

Avoid traffic and breeze through rush hour on an 


6. for the soul.

Ride your way to a healthy mind and body.

7. What's a hill?

E.bikes make our hilly land flat. You've got the freedom to get out and enjoy the ride.

8. Fuel of the future.

Power your ride with renewable energy made in our own backyard.

9. Affordable and accessible.

We love electric vehicles. But you can buy an for a fraction of the price of an EV. Go electric!

10. Activewear optional.

Say goodbye to Lycra. Wear whatever, wherever.

Try an <br>

Try an

See where you can
give an a try. 

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Buy an

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