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Civic Contractors have been keeping the streets of Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington looking wonderful the clean, electric way since 2008. They now operate 17 electric vehicles, some of which are quietly cleaning the streets in the wee small hours without disturbing anyone’s dreams.

Civic Contractors joined the Electric Revolution early, purchasing their first EV 12 years ago. Now their fleet is transitioning to electric, and they’re the proud owners of two of New Zealand’s first heavy e.trucks. One is used for rubbish collection, and the other is a street cleaning and bin washing truck.

They believe many New Zealand firms can, and should, Join The Electric Revolution. “For businesses like ours, who are focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, going electric is a no-brainer.” Civic’s 17 electric vehicles range from vans to trucks to bikes, and all of the depots are powered by Mercury. “Knowing they generate 100% renewable energy aligned with our values.” They’re rightly proud of their CO2 emissions savings, estimating that their vehicles save 200 metric tonnes every year. That’s a lot of rubbish no longer being pumped into our air. Wonderful work Civic Contractors.

They’ve noticed some good cost savings too, especially with the EV cars and smaller vans. "We're seeing an 80% saving on fuel by filling up on electricity rather than petrol. We’ve also seen easier maintenance with less moving parts, which makes for lower bills from vehicle workshops!”

Civic Contractors’ electric trucks and vans can drive quietly down your street in the early hours of the morning while you’re asleep, and not wake you. That’s a nice upside for inner city residents who can catch their whole forty winks and wake up to clean streets without noticing a thing.

It’s all part of their objective to reduce their impact on the environment, whether that be carbon emissions, noise or water usage. “Having electric vehicles is a cost-effective way for Civic to minimise our environmental impact. It also shows our staff, customers, and the public that we care.”

They’ve found their commitment to cleaner energy has been a virtuous circle. “Once you commit to environmentally friendly equipment, processes and strategies and start to see the benefits, it’s easy to stick to it and be inspired to do more. We’re now looking at electrifying the diesel-powered equipment we use and exploring ways to clean using less water.”

So not only are Civic Contractors keeping our city streets clean, they’re also helping keep our country clean.

“New Zealand is perfectly positioned to be a climate change leader. With all of our renewable electricity and growing availability of EVs and similar tech, we’re very well placed to roll out around the country.”

Kia Ora to Civic Contractors. We’re wonderfully excited for New Zealand’s electric future too.


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