Electric bikes deliver for Nocar Cargo.


Nocar Cargo

As you can guess from their name, Nocar Cargo courier service has never used cars. Not a single one. Wellington’s only bicycle courier company peddles the streets from Monday to Friday, delivering parcels but leaving zero emissions. Founded back in 2015, social and environmental sustainability has always been at the core of its business, and that’s why Nocar Cargo has become a growing, thriving business.
In fact, it’s this growth that led its three partners - Jamie Hoare, Chris Baker and Christian Williams – to move to electric bicycles.  In Jamie’s words, “Originally our bikes weren’t electric but as our workload grew, we thought it was just the right option. We do 50-60km on a typical workday, with lots of stop-starts and loads of up to 80kg.”
The team decided to make the switch to electric bikes in 2019 using Lekkie kits, a local e.bike company based in Lower Hutt. The switch immediately paid off. Their courier service became a lot faster and more efficient, and it meant they had a lot more of their own human energy left at the end of the day – always good when you’re trying to run a small business and take care of the life stuff!
As Nocar Cargo has discovered, the benefits are in both well-being and economics. Christian, one of the partners, breaks it down for us: “Having the batteries gives our bodies a little break in an otherwise pretty physically demanding job. It’s boosted our revenue too. We can probably do something like 10 more jobs per rider with e.bikes than we could before  we went electric.” The benefits to the business haven’t stopped there. The team have discovered they’re getting quicker on deliveries, and don’t require as much food to refuel their bodies, which helps save a few more dollars every day.
The evolution was also completely natural, as they’re all big bike enthusiasts. Chris Baker owns 10 to 15 bicycles…although he says he’s probably lost count, Jamie owns a car but seldom uses it, and Christian hasn’t owned a car for over a decade. “We’ve never used petrol in our business, which has been bikes all the way. We’re also lucky in Wellington, you really can live well with bikes and bit of public transport!”
Talking about their beloved hood, these e.revolutionaries have also begun to expand their business’s delivery zone and go into new suburbs. In June this year, they added a Zone B which includes areas such as Hataitai, Berhampore and Kelburn. Better yet, they don’t feel the burn, as Christian explains, “We now deliver to the Kelburn campus of Victoria University which is actually very close to town but wouldn’t be worth it without motors. The hills and wind are far more manageable. Basically the city becomes a little flatter and less windy with batteries on bikes.”
The biggest revelation for this thriving locally-owned business is that by joining the Electric Revolution, they’ve been able to protect their values of social and environmental sustainability, without compromising on a fast, friendly and reliable delivery service. In fact, they’ve just got even better at it. We wish them all the success on their continued journey.



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