Looking for ways to keep your little (and big) ones entertained while we’re at home? We’ve put together some fun (and hopefully educational) activities to help bring a little bit of wonderful into your home!

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Bake it better.

If you find yourself at home more, why not try your hand at baking? Once you perfect your recipe, you can make it more wonderful by signing up to the Starship Foundation’s annual Bake It Better fundraiser.


All you have to do is sell your treats then donate the proceeds to help raise money for Starship's National Children's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Easy as pie! Just make sure you remember to follow to the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 guidelines for your region.

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Meet Evie.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Evie, our 1957 electric Ford Fairlane, in person and enjoy a virtual drive in her, we’ve now made her journey into a 360° video for you to enjoy at home. Have a look around Evie’s world and see what you can learn about Electric Transport and Mercury.
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For 20 years we’ve been a proud Five Star Partner of the Starship Foundation. With the help of our customers donating on their monthly bill, we’ve been able to bring a little bit of wonderful into the lives of the children and families at Starship, and now, we’re bringing a little bit of wonderful into your bubble.

CHECK OUT Rainbow Springs and more in 360°.

We worked with Ngāi Tahu Tourism to bring the outside world in for children and families at Starship. Now, we’re bringing that magic to you, in wonderful 360° - check out the videos below.

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Get creative.

To help keep everyone in your home entertained, check out some of the fun, creative, and educational activities below. If you don’t have a printer at home, don’t worry, we’ve still got lots of stuff you can do online.

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Evie Activity Book

This activity book is a great option for the kids. Simply print this out, grab the colouring pencils and get that wonderful creative energy flowing.

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Renewable activity book.

Another fun option for the kids, print this out and get creative while learning about the awesome foursome –  four kinds of renewable energy.

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<a id="learnhow"></a>Learn some of the ways electricity can be made.

Learn some of the ways electricity can be made.

How we make electricity with water

Hydropower or water power is mechanical energy generated using the flow of water. Watch our video to see how we turn the flow of water into renewable electricity, then follow our guide to harness water’s energy at your home.

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How we'll make electricity from wind

The power of the wind blowing can be used to help boats sail and kites fly, but it can also be used to make electricity. Watch our video to learn how we will use wind to create renewable electricity and try our experiment to harness the wind’s energy at your home.

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How solar panels make electricity

The sun is the ultimate source of energy for everything on earth. Watch the video above to see how some of our customers use solar panels to harness the sun’s energy to make electricity, and try this fun experiment to see how you can harness the sun’s energy at home.

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How we make electricity from heat inside the Earth

Did you know that energy from underground can become the electricity you use at home? Watch the video above to see how we use the earth’s heat to make electricity and follow our guide to experiment with using energy from the earth, like steam, at home.

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Keep moving and get rewarded.

Sign up to rewards now to get involved in our challenges. Earn points which can be exchanged for wonderful rewards like Free Power Days and bill credits, or go in the draw to win epic prizes. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.

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